“We have had the pleasure of spending several week-long vacations at the Ryan Estate.  We have stayed at the apartment, the Carriage House and on several occasions at the Summer House.  In all accommodations, every attention has been given to ensuring a trouble-free, pleasant stay. The apartment and rental houses are located with immediate access to an Acadia National Park carriage road and near one of the public parking/entrances to Acadia National Park.  While offering maximum privacy, Ryan Estate is very close to Bar Harbor.  Most significant for us is the fact that it is a pet friendly rental.  We have vacationed there with both of our dogs- our pets were welcomed and acclimated almost immediately to their “home away from home”.  For us to be able to have them with us allows us to truly enjoy our vacation. We highly recommend these rentals.”
~ Marianne & John Mizel


“Here is the difference between Ryan’s and a hotel –

Ryan’s has a small number of units but they are mostly in different buildings.  Because they are in different buildings you have much more privacy. On the other hand, because there are so few units you are much more likely to have at least some  friendly interactions with other guests than you would in a hotel. The other reason you might socialize to some extent with the other guests is that almost everyone has dogs.   That’s the big drawing card at Ryan’s,  they don’t just tolerate dogs,  they love them. And if everyone has a dog that is one more reason to interact.

So there is the pleasant paradox of having more privacy but more connection with the other guests as well.

Also because it is so small you have more of a friendly,  family style,  relationship with the owners,  Steve and Marilyn. Or at least you can if you want it.  I’m sure if you just wanted to keep everything at arm’s length you could,  but you don’t have to.

It’s nice having an entire apartment to relax in,  as well as a deck to enjoy. If you like to bicycle there is the added benefit of being only a short walk away from the carriage roads.

The rooms are comfortable and pleasant.  If you are looking for luxury this would not be the place for you.

We’ve been staying at Ryan’s for a week or two for well over 10 years.”


“We have been coming to Bar Harbor and Acadia for many years and we have been staying at Ryan Estates since the first year that they opened. There are many wonderful things to say about Ryan Estates and about Marilyn and Steve, the owners. One of the best is that not only are the Ryan’s “dog friendly”, they are “dog loving”! Our dogs travel everywhere with us. Acadia is a gorgeous National Park that is perfect for hiking and running with dogs, Bar Harbor is an incredibly dog-friendly town, and the Marilyn and Steve top it all off as they are so very friendly and welcoming to people AND their dogs! We stay at the Summer House for two weeks or more each year, and it is quiet and peaceful, and has plenty of space. We have also had family visit us and stay in Mountain View and it is cozy and comfortable and has a beautiful view from its deck. All of the accommodations are incredibly clean and neat, have all of the necessary amenities, and the Ryans always respond quickly to any needs or requests of their guests. They also are never intrusive and are very careful to provide their guests with complete privacy. (We always love visiting and  “talking dogs” with them both, but that is not a prerequisite for staying there J)! The property is just a few miles from town and from some of the major trailheads and carriage trails of Acadia. You can even walk in to a great carriage trail hike around Aunt Betty Pond, something we often do for an evening walk. And of course, Acadia itself has so much to offer in terms of hiking, cycling, and sight-seeing. Marilyn and Steve provide plenty of information to visitors regarding things to do and also give recommendations for the best places to eat and visit in town. We love staying at Ryan Estates and look forward to returning every year!”
~ Linda and Mike Case

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